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Feinstein & Norris founded by Richard Feinstein & W.L. "Bud" Norris Jr., has been a dominant figure in the brokerage industry of Houston, Texas, since 1978. Dedicated to providing quality, efficient service at a reasonable rate has allowed F&N to cultivate many loyal customers. Catering to small and medium size businesses, F&N's reputation and expertise in the import/export business has allowed them to acquire a wide and diverse following of customers. 

Every company has, either by choice, necessity or chance, developed a niche to remain competitive in their market, F&N is not different. In the past dozen years, F&N has been recognized as being the leading Customs House Broker for the importation of fresh cut flowers into the port of Houston. However, being located in the cargo area of George Bush Intercontinental Airport, within 30 minutes of the seaport of Houston, F&N has used the advantage of this location to diversify and broaden its markets and expertise.

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F&N is also very active in the brokerage/forwarding community. Bud Norris has served as president and vice-president of the Houston Customs House Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association (HCHBFFA), as well as, served on the Board of Directors for the Houston Air Cargo Association (HACA). Both Bud and Richard have chaired the IAH airport committee for over 10 years. Their leadership role and recognition by the brokerage and freight forwarding industry has provided F&N with many advantages over the years. 

Impressive is the fact that over 90% of F&N's current customers have been obtained through referrals from various airlines, government agencies, brokers, forwarders and other F&N customers. Despite the lack of a sales staff, F&N continues to thrive and flourish.

Experience. Quality. Reliability. Give Feinstein & Norris, Div. a chance to service your import and export needs and you too will become another loyal F&N customer.

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