Import Requirements

 Below is a general overview of the information Feinstein & Norris, Div. may need to process an import transaction on your behalf. Please review this list periodically as import requirements and forms change. We will try to provide these updates as quickly as possible. In addition, we have provided many of the forms online for you to use for your own transactions or when necessary, the link to the agency to acquire those forms.

For Feinstein & Norris to clear your merchandise through U.S. Customs, we require the following information and documentation:

    • A copy of the bill of lading or air waybill

    • A commercial invoice or Proforma invoice containing:

      • The name and complete address of the shipper

      • The name and complete address of the consignee

      • The terms of sale (CIF, FOB, Ex-Works, etc.)

      • A detailed description of each product being imported and the quantity (in English)

      • The value of each item being imported

      • The currency

      • The country of origin (manufacture) of each item

      • The net weight of each item ( in kilograms)

      • The meters squared, liters, barrels, etc. (if applicable)

    • A Power of Attorney (1st time customers only)

Additional Documentation that may be required

    • Packing list (may be required if shipment contains more than one carton)

    • NAFTA Certificate of Origin (North American Free Trade Agreement) may be required for transactions that may be entitled to preferential treatment under NAFTA. Specifically pertains to goods from Canada and Mexico)

    • Textile Declaration (may be required for fabric and textile articles)

    • Country of Origin Certificate (may be required if not documented on commercial invoice)

    • Visa/Quota Certificate (may be required for certain commodities from specific country's that U.S. Customs Service has imposed restrictions on the amount of product that can be imported into the U.S.A. within a given time period)

    • Quota Reimbursement Statement (may be required for transactions requiring a Visa/Quota Certificate)

    • TSCA Statement ((Toxic Substance Control Act) may be required for any powdered, liquid or solid chemicals and agents)

    • ADA/CVD Reimbursement Statement ((Anti-Dumping Assessment/Counter-Vailing Duties) may be required for transactions of commodities that the U.S. Customs Service has determined are subject to the ADA/CVD requirements)

    • Phytosanitary Certificate (may be required for imports of plants, flowers, etc.)

    • EPA forms ((Environmental Protection Agencies) may be required for commodities subject to the requirements imposed by the EPA)

    • DOT Forms  ((Department Of Transportation) may be required for vehicles and some vehicle parts)

    • FDA forms ((Food and Drug Administration) may be required for transactions containing products intended for human consumptions and/or use)

    • F&W forms ((Fish and Wildlife) may be required for transactions pertaining to animal imports or products made from the parts of animals) For more information go to www.le.fws.gov/le/faqs/faqs.htm  or National Center for Imports & Exports

    • ATF forms ((Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms) may be required for transactions pertaining the imports of smoking products, wine, liquor and weapons)

    • MSDS form ((Material Safety Data Sheet) may be required for transactions of any product that is hazardous or has special shipping requirements or restrictions)

    • Export Licenses

    • Single Transaction Bond (may be required if a continuous importation bond is not on file with the U.S. Customs Service)

    • Other government agency forms (i.e. CSPC, CDC, etc.)

    • For more information on documentation and regulations on importing into the United States, contact your local U.S. Customs Office or visit the following governmental web site. www.cbp.gov.

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